It's worth living here because:

  • the rooms with private bathrooms are decorated in a cozy and tasteful way;
  • there is a spacious, modern and fully equipped kitchen on each floor;
  • the building is modern and intelligent;
  • there is unique atmosphere of a student's house with preservation of high standard and quality of accommodation;
  • accommodation considers social preferences;
  • price of rental comprises complete cost of accommodation - there are no extra charges;
  • we provide security and monitoring;
  • parking;
  • it is at short distance to most of Katowice univerisities, entertainment, cultural and recreation centers;
  • there is a laundry in the building.

You sign one contract and move in!

  • you don't care about power supply,
  • you don't care about internet supply,
  • you don't care about disposal of rubbish.

You are not alone!

  • you feel safe and comfortable thanks to 24h reception desk and security monitoring,
  • the reception desk employees will provide you with care and help as well as fast and efficiently manage current problems.