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Student's House

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Double room

Pokój dwuosobowy w Akademiku Polonia
POLONIA Student's House - double room
  • bathroom in the room
  • two beds
  • common kitchen

Single room

Pokój jednoosobowy w Akademiku Polonia
POLONIA Student's House - single room
  • bathroom in the room
  • single bed
  • common kitchen

That's why it's worth

  • the rooms with private bathrooms are decorated in a cosy and tasteful way;
  • the spacy kitchens/common rooms (shared by 20 persons, access controlled) are fully equipped;
  • the building is modern and intelligent;
  • there is unique atmosphere of a student's house with preservation of high standard and quality of accommodation;
  • accommodation considers social preferences;
  • price of rental comprises complete cost of accommodation - there are no extra charges;
  • we provide security and monitoring;
  • parking
  • it is at short distance to most of Katowice univerisities, entertainment, cultural and recreation centers;
  • there is a laundry in the building.

That`s why we are different:


24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Full monitoring

The entrance, lift, hallways, kitchens and other public areas are monitored.


Accommodation according to social preferences.


Close to everywhere: universities, party zone, shopping. Railway and bus station are within a few minute`s walk.